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Dental Implants

Dental Implants

What is an Implant?
An Implant is a titanium screw which can replace the root of a tooth. It is placed into the jawbone during a surgical procedure. Once the titanium screw has been allowed to integrate into the bone it is then strong enough to support a crown, bridge and even a denture.
Is an implant suitable for me?
An implant is the gold standard where it comes to replacing missing teeth and they look so good that it is very hard to tell the difference between a natural tooth and an implant and crown. An implant is suitable if you have missing teeth and would like a long term solution.
What does the treatment involve?
The treatment usually takes place over a few appointments. The first appointment would be the consultation, at this stage we will take the appropriate x-rays and CBCT Scans in order to carefully plan the placement of your implant. Some of our patients like to have sedation to help them relax during the implant procedure however this is a personal choice and the procedure can be completed without. If you do opt for sedation we will use this appointment to take your blood pressure to ensure that you are suitable. We will discuss with you at length all other alternative options and provide you with some information that you can take home if you wish.

The next appointment will be the implant surgery itself, where the implant is placed into the jawbone. During this appointment it may be necessary to complete a bone grafting procedure to encourage new bone re growth in the area. Placing an Implant can be relatively trouble free and the treatment can be completed using a simple local anesthetic. You will not feel any pain at the time, however just like an extraction you may feel discomfort during the week following the surgery.

After the implant has been placed we will allow the area to heal for approx. 4-6months. The implant needs this time to integrate into the bone. Once the healing process has taken place the implant will be strong enough to support a crown.

The next appointment will involve taking Impressions or a mould of your teeth in order to make the crown.  We will then discuss what shade would be most suitable for you. Once our lab technicians have carefully crafted your crown you will then come back for a third appointment to fit the crown on to the Implant.
Will I require a temporary Crown or denture during the 4-6month?
Yes, usually we will provide you with a temporary denture to use during the healing time.
How long do Implants last?
An Implant, just like a tooth can last for many years with the right care and attention. However, just like a tooth, they are still susceptible to infection if not cared for which can lead on to bleeding discomfort and failure. For this reason it is really important to maintain a good oral hygiene regime and keep up with regular dental health examinations.

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