Posted on: August 15, 2019

“I nearly lost my lip!” – Claire’s Lip Filler Nightmare

Claire underwent what she thought would be a simple lip filler procedure. Unfortunately, just hours later she was at risk of losing her lip entirely.

At the DrBK Clinic, we maintain a strict stance of patient safety coming first. With dermal filler treatments on the rise and a lack of regulation regarding who can perform these treatments, it is important to ensure you have done your research before going to any practitioner.

Claire came to the DrBK Clinic with a serious complication following her lip filler treatment with another practitioner elsewhere. After what she thought would be a simple procedure, Claire was left horrified when her lip started to swell and bruise shortly after being injected.

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“Straight away as she injected, my lips swelled up. They went blue, black and white”.

Unbeknownst to Claire, her practitioner had hit a major artery that supplies blood to the lip. As a result, the blood to the lip had been blocked. When the blood supply is blocked, tissues start to die out, resulting in permanent damage. This is known as Necrosis.

Claire phone her friend who is a dentist and he immediately referred her to Professor Bob Khanna.

“I was referred to Professor Khanna, who fitted me in straight away, even though he had a really busy day, so I was so grateful”.

“As soon as I came in, he told me exactly what had happened”.

Picture: After lip filler injections gone wrong


Professor Khanna knew straight away that he would need to act quickly to save Claire’s lip. He stated: “Cases like this are very serious. What happened is, the practitioner had accidentally injected filler into the main artery that supplies blood to the lip. When this occurs, it immediately becomes a race against time to restore the blood supply. Claire narrowly avoided permanent disfigurement. She would have lost her entire lip.”


Picture: Before & after dissolving treatment with Prof Khanna. 


Claire is now urging everyone to make sure they research the best practitioner for their treatment.

“I didn’t realise, very naively, how much this could have damaged my future life, I could’ve lost my lip, I could’ve been disfigured”.

“I just really urge everyone to make sure that you’ve really researched who you’re going to, and that this is not something to take lightly”.


Our tips on choosing your practitioner

  • It’s very easy to fall into the trap of “cheap treatments” with those that aren’t medically trained at all. So, if the prices are low, ask yourself why.
  • Ensure that you have researched about the possible complications, side effects, and how they would be managed. This comes back to choosing an experienced, registered medical professional.
  • Please remember, dermal fillers are not a beauty treatment – you are trusting someone to inject your face, make sure you choose a clinician with an expert knowledge of the Facial Anatomy.
  • Find a practitioner that is registered with SaveFace.

The doctor’s choice for Facial Aesthetics

We are proud to say that many of our Facial Aesthetic patients are actually doctors themselves. Professor Khanna is a Global Facial Aesthetic Leader with over 25 years’ experience delivering beautiful and safe results.

He developed the Dr Bob Khanna Training Institute for registered medical professionals to master the art and science of Facial Aesthetics in a safe environment. Our training courses focus heavily on safe and predictable techniques, helping the next generation of clinicians deliver amazing and safe results. As a result, many of the clinicians that attend our courses are so impressed that they end up undergoing treatment with Prof Khanna.

Why would you go elsewhere? Book your consultation with Dr Bob Khanna today. 0118 9606 930 / mytreatment@drbk.co.uk.


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"I spent years not being able to smile as I hated my teeth, I was told many years ago that it would be impossible to straighten them, this left me with no confidence. Then I was told to visit Dr Bob Khanna. Today I feel great about myself, I have learned to smile again & I owe this to Dr Bob & his wonderful team. Many many thanks Dr Khanna for the work you have done, I will remain a loyal customer to you in the future." - Annie

"I could not be happier with the results Prof Bob Khanna has given me, from the very start the staff at Dr BK clinic were very informative and helpful. My nose now looks as it did before I damaged it, Prof Bob Khanna listened to my exact needs and as to what I wanted to achieve, and this shows in the way my nose now looks, I will definitely continue to come back to the clinic for future treatment." - Jason

"If you want a comprehensive, safe, quick and satisfactory treatment for your face just visit dr bob Khanna. I got my tear troughs, cheeks & non-surgical facelift done yesterday, it was pain free, took less than 20 minutes, huge transformation in a very natural way immediately and now I can't be happier. Would never get safer hands than Dr Bob's. He is a magician, love you for making me love my mirror again" - Rand

"I had been diagnosed with bruxism by my dentist and had been wearing a plastic mouthpiece every night for over five years. I read about the BK Clinic in a national newspaper and made an appointment. The team were very warm, friendly and put me at ease. Professor Khanna diagnosed my problem within minutes. Within 2 weeks I was pain-free, sleeping better and my ugly mouthpiece was ditched. I would not hesitate in recommending the DrBK Clinic, Professor Khanna is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what he does and I only wish I had discovered his services sooner." - Sarah

"Your laser hair removal is the best treatment ever, it has been so effective and I never have to worry again about waxing, I was so grateful to find it was also not painful compared to other laser treatments I have had in the past. It felt like a warm massage. Thank you." - Cassie

Professor Bob And his wonderful caring team is the only clinic to go. I am always reassured and always feel welcome. I feel I am in the magic hands of Professor Bob. Pain free fabulous results. He simply loves his profession loves people and cares. What more an you ask for. Professor Bob achieves his work of art." - Renee

"I couldn't fault my experience, Prof Bob Khanna and the staff at the clinic were friendly and professional at all times. I would recommend visiting the clinic as you will be in the best hands. 10/10 for service and results." - Natasha

"Fantastic place, well looked after from the moment you walk through the door. I could not be any happier with my results there are amazing, wouldn't recommend anywhere else." - Jemma

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