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Why Choose DrBK

Our clinic offers a warm and comfortable environment with excellent facilities including disabled access and the very best in dental, facial and skin & laser treatments.

Our passion is you

  • Our Aim

    We pride ourselves on delivering high standards of care. We believe that everybody should feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. Whether you are considering Facial Aesthetic treatment or would like to restore and maintain your dental health our aim is to help you feel more like you.

  • Patient Safety

    Patient safety is extremely important to us.
    All of our staff members are Fully Qualified and have a wealth of experience in providing high levels of patient care. At the Dr Bk Clinic we are always looking into ways that we can improve our service to you. If you have any suggestions on how you think we can improve this service please do not hesitate to contact us. Alternatively if you would like to stay anonymous please use our enquiry form above.

  • Nervous patients

    We know that visiting the Dentist is not everybody’s idea of fun. Past experiences, can stay with us for a long time. We understand that even entering a dental practice can be quite daunting for some. We have designed our practice in such a way to combat these feelings, we wanted to create a practice that feels relaxing and doesn’t smell like a normal dental practice. We also offer Conscious Sedation to patients that do find it particularly difficult. This treatment option will ensure that you can relax whilst we complete your treatment.

    If you would like to visit the practice first just to have a look around or simply have a chat with one of our treatment co-ordinators you are quite welcome. Please complete the contact form above for your Free Assessment, alternatively please feel free to drop by, anytime.

  • Disabled access

    We have designed the practice to cater for our patients that do require extra assistance when they attend the clinic. We have a dedicated ramp to the front entrance of the practice which is wheelchair friendly. Continuing into the practice, we have ensured there is complete access throughout the building for a wheelchair user. If you are hard of hearing of have difficulty with your sight or require any special arrangements please do let us know, we will be more than happy to assist you. We want to ensure that your journey with us is completely stress free.

What patients say about us

  • Thank you, DrBK for great skin treatment. I have noticed my skin tone and texture has improved dramatically just after my first dermaroller! I'm so amazed by the noticeable reduction in my acne scars. TOP treatment-I highly recommend it.
  • Your laser hair removal is the best treatment ever, it has been so effective and I never have to worry again about waxing, I was so grateful to find it was also not painful compared to other laser treatments I have had in the past. It felt like a warm massage. Thank you.
  • I would like to thank Dr Bob Khanna for the wonderful work he did for me over the last few years. I spent years not being able to smile as I hated my teeth, I was told many years ago that it would be impossible to straighten them, this left me with no confidence & never bothered to visit a dentist. I was told to visit Dr Bob Khanna, which I did & he told me he could improve my teeth. Today I feel great about myself, I have learned to smile again & I owe this to Dr Khanna & his wonderful team. Many many thanks Dr Khanna for the work you have done, I will remain a loyal customer to you in the future.
  • I am delighted with the results achieved with your skin tightening treatments. Since losing weight, I was embarrassed with my turkey neck. Not the case anymore, my skin feels tighter and my face feels firmer. Fab treatment!
  • Thank you team both at Reading and Ascot, for being caring, considerate professionals who are always very pleasant. I cannot express how delighted I am with the treatment I received to correct my very crooked and discoloured teeth. It is so nice not to feel self-conscious when speaking or laughing; I now show my teeth instead of putting my hand over my mouth. It is very noticeable that people look at teeth whilst speaking to you. I have received many compliments, from teenagers to people my own age. From the start of my treatment we knew it was going to take time and perseverance and the treatment was not without some discomfort, but it was never painful. I can honestly say the result has been worth it. I would especially like to thank Dr Bob Khanna for his very professional work, ideas and treatment to achieve the result i was looking and hoping for. THANK YOU SO MUCH from one very happy patient.
  • Just had my treatment at the clinic today with Professor Bob Khanna. Had my lips done, cheek enhancement and some botox for masseters. It was a great experience, I came all the way from Ipswich because I wouldn't trust anyone else with my face( apart from myself of course:-). The staff was very nice and friendly and took good care of me. Professor Khanna did a great job, the procedures were not painful and it made a big change already. Would definitely recommend it and have it done again no doubt!
  • I had been diagnosed with bruxism by my dentist and had been wearing a plastic mouthpiece every night for over five years. The mouthpiece was uncomfortable, inconvenient and plain ugly to look at. I read about the BK Clinic in a national newspaper and made an appointment. I met Professor Khanna in his impressive clinic, which does look more like a luxury spa than a dental surgery. The team were very warm, friendly and put me at ease. Professor Khanna diagnosed my problem within minutes, I had not been excessively clenching and grinding my teeth but instead the muscles in my upper jaw area were going into spasms and this was responsible for my aching face. He suggested treating the area with Botox® to relieve my muscle spasms. The treatment was provided there and then, which was good as I live over 100 miles away from Reading. Within 2 weeks I was pain-free, sleeping better and my ugly mouthpiece was ditched. When I attended my free follow-up appointment I also arranged to have my brow and crows-feet treated with Botox® too. I would not hesitate in recommending the DrBK Clinic, Professor Khanna is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what he does and I only wish I had discovered his services sooner.
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